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Thursday, August 4, 2011

A favorite tweet!

I can't wait to share some of this with my parents at Open House. Does anyone do this? Has anyone had to deal with parents not open to this idea?


I don't decorate my classroom before school starts.

I stopped making elaborate bulletin boards for the first day of school. I stopped spending hours creating cute spaceships or race cars, each personalized with a student name and picture. I don't buy pre-made education posters to adorn my walls. I've even stopped making job charts, weather charts, calendar charts, behavior charts, editing checklist charts, how to write a paragraph charts, you name it charts. Yes, my students walk into a classroom where the walls are bare, the bulletin boards cry out, "Cover me!" and the absence of pictures and print in the room would leave enriched classroom environment enthusiasts shuddering.


I spend time getting to know my students before I even meet them.
I set up my class and student accounts in VoiceThread, KidsBlog, Voki, Animoto, Wikispaces, and Glogster
I go through my books and pull out the ones that I think my students will be interested in. I display those books with the covers showing and I put many of the other books away to be revealed as the year goes on.
I organize and add to my collection of classroom and online math games.
I compose my welcome back blog entry.
I clean up my class wiki, archiving last year's contributions, and making room for the new.
I collect pictures of all the parts of my life so that my students can get to know me.
I fold and glue together lots of blank Foldables; empty bound books for our beginning of the year class books, top pockets to hold our learning during our science units, 2-tabs and 8-tabs for side by side word study books, and pocket books for our life timelines.
I plan and prepare for a fun science lesson, a math game, and a team challenge on the first day of school.
I make bubble letter name tags for each student to personalize on the very first day.
I carefully choose the books I'll use for my beginning of the year book hooks and read alouds.
I work on my Writer's Notebook.

My room will get decorated.

I have no idea what it will look like, but I do know that over time the walls and spaces will be filled with things that matter to my students. Over time, my room will be a celebration of the personalities, talents, and gifts of the group of unique individuals that inhabit it.

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