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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Zaption, EduPuzzle, edCannon: What is the difference?

**UPDATE** Oct 20th, 2016 - Zaption was bought by edPuzzle, Zaption no longer exists.

Many of you may have heard of one of these or maybe even used one of these assessment tools. When I have worked with others teachers on one of these tools I often get asked about how it compares to another tool like it. What does that one do that this one doesn't? Which one do you recommend? Have you heard of this one? Why that one? I could go on and on.

Anyway, I did some research on the top three that I get asked about the most. Click on the blue links to go to a complete description of what is available for each version.

Public Search Access
Collaborate with colleagues
Grade Report Download
Limitations on free version (As of 4/23/15)
Few “extras”, app available, can be embedded into a website
Up to 6 “questions” per video, must create “tours” on computer, app available
Up to 8 classes, no app, web based only

I have used Edpuzzle and Zaption the most because I like the public search access that is provided on the free version. I can watch "tours" (this is what Edpuzzle calls their videos with questions embedded) others have created, and use the same, or edit it if I want. I have found that Edpuzzle is the simplest, easiest to train and useEdpuzzle also allows you to leave an audio clip in the "tour".

These are all great websites to gather feedback from students. Here are a few ways I have seen teachers use them:

1. The teacher assigns the video to watch before class to free up instruction time and/or set the stage for new learning.
2. The teacher has prepared a video with questions to show while she is absent from class. The substitute plays the video and the students get the content while the instructor can receive feedback from the students.
3. The teacher shows the video during class and can gather feedback from EVERY student.
4. The teacher shows the video during class but then has a classroom discussion when prompted with a question.

I would love to hear your thoughts on these tools, or other tools you use for assessment. I am looking forward to teaching a course on formative assessment using technology tools.

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  1. I appreciate your comparison chart for these assessment tools. I haven't used them with my students yet, but see the value of these tools. I liked your suggestion on different scenarios for using them in the classroom. I have tried using Zaption and found it relatively easy to use. I am looking forward to trying out EDpuzzle and compare the two.