F Marisa Dahl: I don't want to lose my FitBit again! Here is what I created!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

I don't want to lose my FitBit again! Here is what I created!

Do you have a FitBit?
Has it fallen off?

I had a problem, I lost my FitBit one morning and I was VERY upset with myself. I also found myself unmotivated to park a few spaces further because it wasn't like I was counting steps anymore. I didn't realize how a little piece of rubbery-plastic with a glorified pedometer on it would motivate me to walk a few more steps.

I have had my FitBit for about 7 months. I wasn't as competitive, then, as I am now. I joined the Fitbit Challenges using the Fitbit app, a Work Week Challenge and then a Weekend Challenge. I found myself being a bit more competitive being around such great people in our new neighborhood who are active and very supportive!

SO, you can see why I was so disappointed when I thought I lost it. (I ended up finding it in our home, which is another story in itself.)

SOLUTION: I needed something to keep the clasp together. I found a few ideas online that were a bit too expensive for something so little. Backing up a few months, as an Instructional Technology Consultant I heard a lot about 3D printers, saw a few, been awed by them, but never thought I would learn to actually use it. I made a goal that by Spring Break  I would learn how to use SketchUp and print something on the 3D printer. I told a colleague about this one day and she said "well download SketchUp". So, I did. I spent the rest of the day creating and then a few hours .... sad to admit... figuring out how to convert the file to an STL file because that is what our 3D printer needed to print my product. It was a Friday, and I don't like leaving projects undone, but I had no choice.

...fast forward 4 days, Thursday. I, finally, got my product completed... for now. It isn't final, because I want to improve it by putting some more details on it, but I need to find someone who has some more knowledge of Sketchup then I have taught myself already.

Here is a picture of my first few drafts. The very first one was the best, then I stopped measuring and estimated (not recommended.) I learned more about millimeters designing this then I remember from grade school.)

The middle one was my first attempt. I like this photo because it shows my thinking and learning about Sketchup. 


My latest attempt. 

A big thanks to the Creative Services Department at Heartland Area Education Agency for putting up with me and helping me through this process. 

Up next I will share the file and screenshots of my project. 

Happy learning, happy making!

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