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Friday, May 29, 2015

ABC Videoes linked to QR Codes

**UPDATED** Get this for $1.00! It is over 10 pages so I have to put a dollar amount on it. **

Do you have tablet devices (iPad or Android) in your classroom? Are you looking for more ways to have students use them during independent work time? Do your students need practice with their letters?

If you answered, YES, this is a wonderful resource for your students. Each letter of the alphabet has a QR (quick response) code that is linked to a video from YouTube about that letter. Follow these quick easy steps and you will have an ABC Center ready to go in no time! Perfect for the beginning of the year!

1. Print file on card stock. DO NOT laminate, the QR codes will be harder to scan. Some plastic sleeves work, you may have to experiment a little bit.
2. Download a QR Code reader on the device. (Apple Store QR Reader / Android QR Reader) You can also ask Siri "scan QR code and you can do it with out downloaded an app".
3. Place activity in a center. Your students may need a lesson on how this work, along with time to practice with adult assistance.
3. Students scan the QR code and watch the video about each of the letters.

Extended Ideas:
 Once students know their letters they can create their own letter videos, songs, and posters.

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Note: If YouTube is blocked at your school these links will not work. You could send these home instead to have students watch if they have access to devices and internet at home.
There may be ads that are shown before the videos, or pop-ups over parts of the video. It is always good practice to view the videos beforehand. When I went through the videos, only one ad was shown, I was able to watch the other 26 without any ads. I don't have control over the videos and ads.

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