Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Calendar Math Journal

Sick of calendar time? We found we were, as well as our students. This week we have implemented Math Review Journals. First thing in the morning students are assigned a morning job, for 5 students they do Math Review. We no longer do calendar as a large group. Two kindergarteners do it on their own and then we check if as we walk out the door for lunch. So far this week this has been great! We have added 15 minutes of instructional time, instead of the dreaded calendar time. These tasks can all be tied back to the Iowa Core. *** Updated with more 4/3/2012 ***

Let me know if these help you or if you have any more ideas.

2013 calendar *** updated***

K Writing Rubric

Here is a a writing rubric I created around the Iowa Core for our kindergarten writers. Let me know if you find it useful. We used this for their January writing and will again in February. Then we will use this to discuss each student's writing during student-parent-conferences.