Thursday, August 20, 2015

5 Student Google Basics for the Beginning of the Year

There are 5 practices that are helpful to put in place at the beginning of the year to ensure Google Drive and Gmail management for the teacher and students. Even if teachers are using Google Classroom, students may need to know these basics.

1. Show students how to access Drive.
2. Show students how to access their email. (If email is setup for students.)
    2a. Send an email (Have the students send the teacher an email so they have your contact information in their Contact List and they know how to send an email.)
    2b. Reply to an email.
    2c. Create folders in Gmail.
3. Show students how to create folders in Drive. LINK HERE
4. Show students how to create documents in Drive.  
     4a. Name documents (See example below) Students need to be taught how to label documents so they can be found easier in their Drive and your Drive. This will prove to essential as the school years go on and especially year after year.
    4b. Share files with the teacher.
5. Show students how to access Google Drive Offline. (Only if the students are allowed to take their Chromebooks/computers home) LINK HERE to the tutorial.

Here is a helpful template for students to use to name documents. CLICK HERE for a printable version.

Here is a video on how to pack up your Chromebook.

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