Wednesday, September 23, 2015

5+ Fall / Autumn activities that integrate technology

Here are 6 ways to integrate technology into fall activities in the early childhood classroom. Depending on your comfort level using technology in your classroom there should be something for you.

** Remember it is important to always start with an instructional goal for meaningful technology integration. Think about your GOLD Standards or Iowa Core Standards before implementing one of these.  If you are familiar with SAMR some of these are substitution but it is a great place to start!

1. Create a StopMotion video that goes along with the book 5 Pumpkin On a Gate. Or describe the life cycles of pumpkin or apple and have the student describe the life cycle,

2. Take the device (iPad, iPhone, Android Tablet) outside to take pictures of fall things in the classroom. Put the objects in a science center along with printed pictures of the objects for students to match to the correct word/1st sound/Number Match.

3. Use ChatterPix Kids to describe the fall items, or tell a story about the object.

4.  Create a pumpkin using the Carve a Pumpkin app by Parents Magazine.

5. Check out the Fall/Autumn books on the Epic app/website. (Free for educators!)
      Kitten's Autumn By Eugenie Fernandes Ages 2-4 Read To Me book
      How Do We Know It Is Fall? By Molly Aloian Ages 7-9
      Leaf Jumpers By Carole Gerber Ages 4-6
      Fall By Emily C. Dawson Ages 5-7 Read To Me Book
      Lost in the Corn Maze By Precious McKenzie Ages 4-6 Read To Me Book

6. + And one more.... don't forget about what YouTube has to offer (if your school allows you to access this)
Fall YouTube videos
      Autumn Leaves Are Falling Down
      Autumn/Fall videos for Kids and Toddlers - Reading
      Question and Answers - Why Do Leaves Change Color In Autumn - Kids Video Show
       Fall and Autumn Counting Song for Kids - How Many Leaves? by ELF Learning
      5 Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate: Halloween Songs for Children

Happy Fall!

Scatter Plot / Correlation Graphs using Google Draw

Need to get quick feedback to evaluate the relationships between different factors? Need a scatter plot or a correlation graph, don't have paper, dot stickers, or time? Maybe you aren't meeting face-to-face? Here is a solution!

I saw a colleague use paid software to do this digitally, well at 1:00am last night I had a grandiose idea of how I could use Google Draw to do the same thing, and it is FREE!

Scatter Plot to gather feedback.

Click Here to go to Google Draw

Scatter Polt used for a pre & post assessment.

I am looking forward to using this in upcoming learning adventures. I love learning new ways to use GAFE.