Monday, November 23, 2015

Get Ready for Hour of Code

I am excited to share my robot book with you to prepare for the Hour of Code. During Hour Of Code Week students around the world will have the opportunity to learn about computer science. For more information about Hour Of Code. check out

For more computer science activities for ages 4 year olds - High Schoolers check out this list of resources or this list of resources.

Preschool students and Kindergarten students will enjoy reading this book about robots. Check out the photos and links below. Click here to download it from my store.

Be sure to check out the Robot Guided Reading FREEBIE Book! Click to download from my store


Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sight Word Donut Bundle with FREEBIE

I am excited to share this donut interactive guided reading bundle. My daughter's birthday is donut themed so I put together a packet for you, and your students to enjoy!

Kindergarten Sight Word FREEBIE

Kindergarten Sight Word Donut Bundle

Includes 4 books: 1 easy reader with dots for voice print match, 1 easy reader with no dots, and 1 harder reader. Also includes comprehension questions, sight word fluency strips, sentence structure practice, and like sight word practice sheet.