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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Making Makers - Christmas Cards

Every year I begin....  right after Halloween (sad to admit)..... searching through Christmas card designs to find "The Perfect One", "The one that will stand out from the rest".  I refuse to pay a fortune because let's be honest they end up in the garbage after the New Year. I want it to be unique, creative, and to share pictures of my family we take every year. (If we didn't get family pictures taken every year there wouldn't be pictures of me with the kids!)

The winning design? The kids create it! The past two years I have had the kids color pictures to add to the Christmas cards. I LOVE using Powerpoint to design my own cards and with the kids help we do it together. Here are the final projects from the last two years.

Here is 2016 Front and Back

Here is 2017 Front and Back. While I wish the colors the kids choose were different (this was a task I gave my husband to do with the kids) I had to leave my perfectionist quality (only when it comes to digital publishing) aside. 

I hope my kids remember these little things they created and continue to be makers themselves! 

PS We make all of our own Thank You cards and Birthday cards as well. I can't wait to share with you after winter break.

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