F Marisa Dahl: Code And Go Robot Mouse Student Jobs

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Code And Go Robot Mouse Student Jobs

A couple months ago I was in an elementary where students were introduced to Code And Go Robot Mouse Game. I had spent some time learning more about this resource but you always learn more when put it in students' hands.

After one class went through we decided to assign jobs so that there was less confusion on who was programming the mouse (clearing the mouse, pushing play, etc...). We had about 3-5 students in each group so we were also working on communication and collaboration. We came up with these jobs to help the students manage this better. Kindergarten through 4th graders tried this game and they all LOVED it! I loved to hear the collaboration and critical thinking going on throughout each class!

Hope you find them as useful as we did!

 It may be helpful to have a couple more mice (Amazon / Walmart), FYI you don't have to have the tiles for it to move, it will go on any flat surface). The wheels do get clogged and/or dirty so be sure to clean them often depending on use. You will know when it is time when it isn't going the way you told it to. 

Let me know if you have come up with other jobs for your students, I can even add them to this list!


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